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The Start to an RPG Original Soundtrack

So, it’s sort of amazing, the idea of “Networking”, that you make contacts that, hopefully, down the line someone will remember you and get you some employment and all that kind of stuff.

Annoyingly, that has never happened for me.  Not in that way anyway.  What seems to happen is that friends from way-back-when end up getting in touch, not those that I meet in one-off chance encounter.

Someone from my old gaming days in Dystopia kind of re-appeared in my world, who, back in the day, I was at odds with a lot (rival team, that game was pretty cut-throat!), and he has been getting into game development stuff.  After chatting to him for a few weeks, we decided on trying to make a simple RPG together.  So we’ve started planning the game out, what it’s about, the characters’ roles, the simple stuff, and not in too great a detail yet (he’s been finishing up another project, called Unrest with Pyrodactyl Games), and I’m writing the music for it.

Whether it ends up working or not is actually completely beside the point – the fact I have a project to work on, rather than writing random tracks, is sort of a relief – I am the kind of person that needs a bit of direction, otherwise the music I write feels a little directionless to me.  Even though, currently, the creative process on my part is a little backwards (music is being written before I’m seeing the game, rather than the other way around), I know what emotions we’re going for, and I can edit these tracks later on, and I can even scrap entire tracks if necessary (that is to say, I can just put it on the back-burner for another project).

So onto the actual music – this track is the opening track to the game, and currently it’s to be used as an opening cinematic to the game.  What I’m trying to get across here is the main character’s isolation, which is represented by the Synth melody.  At the moment, the idea is to represent the characters that are involved in the game by different synth sounds, so here, you are introduced to what the Hero’s sound is like.  I’m hoping to use that for other tracks then – if there’s something going on that emotionally involves the character, then I want the Hero’s sound to be heard, for example: If he’s fighting a boss, then you will hear that synth instrument in the music; if he’s just hanging around in a level, then you either won’t hear it in the background music or it’ll make a very small appearance.

Everything else is orchestral – I’m hoping this will make “character” instruments stand out more.  The instruments here represent the other people in his life that are causing him struggle, and as the melody gets repeated, you slowly lose the melody in amongst the other people.  He eventually breaks free from all this, hence the return to the melody.  To give a nice air of loneliness and to show that he’s distanced himself from everything, I’ve taken the tune up an octave and took the piano part down an octave and removed the more melodious part of the piano from the section.

I hope that was interesting enough – I am endeavoring to update this blog every Thursday now, thanks to the advice of a Mr. Jack Standbridge (check out his blog at ) – it won’t necessarily be music from the game, although that’s what I will be primarily working on, and more importantly, I will continue to be on the lookout for paid compositional work!  But it’s time for some consistency now.

Thanks for reading!