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Not That Late to the Party

So, in a weird turn of events, I’m actually on board with a computer game project that has, in the last hour, gone live on Kickstarter.

You can view the kickstarter here.

I’m fairly proud of it, although the music was done in a bit of a rush, admittedly.  Biggest challenges was that on the one hand, I wanted to show the duality of the character’s predicament – she is in a shit position, but has the oppertunity to help the revolutionists.  On the other, there is a comedic element to the game from my understanding of the initial pitch.  On the third and invisible hand, it’s the early 90’s, Estonians are big into their Singing Revolution at this point.  And so the music itself is split into 3 distinct sections.

Given that it was more of a demo track to see if they would be keen to hire me, I was on short time.  The “Estonian instrument” is usually attributed to the accordion, so I wanted that to be a connecting instrument throughout, as well as acoustic guitar, but given the time period I opted for the electric guitar.  There are also use of Balalaikas, a common Russian instrument, which I hoped would lend itself to the Russian aspect of the game.  I think I may have overused the wet levels in the percussion at the beginning and end, but I wanted to emulate that late 80’s/early 90’s pop feel as best I could.

Second part of the track is traditional Eastern Oom-Pah style with solos from orchestral instruments then being passed over to the accordion, and I think it worked pretty well, especially when the bridge enters the second time around with the added 3rds on the accordion part.

Third part of the track is supposed to represent the Singing Revolution aspect, with the percussion’s wet levels brought back up (this is a fairly unorthodox method of doing things, but I was digging what was going on at the time), and heavy percussion which is supposed to mark the marching/unity of the uprising, and, obviously, singing.  The guitar pattern for this section was borrowed from an Estonian rock song of the era, just in order to root the track into its time period a bit more.

Anyway, I’m really proud of myself that I’m now in the works to have this game to my name.  I’m really excited for it, and as always if it were not for my friends/family, I don’t think I could have pushed myself to this point.  Hopefully people will appreciate the music, and the soundtrack will be good enough for people to want to listen to on its own merit!