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Send in the Troop (Shrooms Soundtrack)

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve finished the Shrooms soundtrack, and I’ve taken time away from it to take a break from scoring for a game and to do some arrangements and concert music.

It was a fun soundtrack to write, although I was on a very limited time as I got the job by a fair amount of luck having sent an e-mail to Snowball Software regarding his posting of requiring music weeks after.  Thankfully, he liked what I’d written so it didn’t take much convincing afterwards to take me on completely.

Writing for a puzzle game is a bit of a strange one in my mind, just because, really, there’s not much music that doesn’t fit with a puzzle game.  When talking with Jim about what style of music, given the odd-ball nature of the theme of the game (a mushroom going around collecting cans of beer in a cave), it was pretty hard to pin-point what was needed.  So we decided we’d go for a soundtrack with instrumentation that we both liked, which involved a lot of guitars and a drum kit across the board.  I decided that my task was to vary the music as much as I could using just these instruments and anything else I thought would fit on top.

The result was a pretty cool, dark themed soundtrack.  I would say there was only one track I thought might not fit, but we went with it anyway – Amanita Phalloides (Death Mushroom for those of us less Latin-oriented), just because it was probably a little too high-octane given the fast percussion, although I would probably say it’s one of my favourites.

For the main menu I went with a theme and variation style, although conversely that has the piano centralizing everything, and not the guitars, but I still felt it worked well.  It went through a few changes, especially the opening and also the tempo, but hopefully at the end of the day it demonstrates a level of absurdity that the game’s theme has.

The track for the storyboard is also quite cool, it’s in an 11/8 time signature, and the final bar goes into 14/8 before it loops back around, and I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

Please do listen to the Soundtrack.  I’m now on the search for more work.  I hope I get lucky again.