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If you have ever been to Aberystwyth, you will know that art is a way of life there.

Born in the small town on the West coast of Wales, I have grown up surrounded by all forms of art, especially music.

I got my first taste in music when my parents encouraged me to take up a brass instrument at the age of 8.  My father grew up with brass bands in the Rhondda, and continued playing with the Aberystwyth Silver Band as one of their Bb Tuba players.  For years I learnt to play the trombone under the tutelage of Alan Phillips, joining the local youth brass band, followed by joining the Aberystwyth Silver Band.

Soon after picking up the trombone, I began to learn the Piano, and slowly began immersing myself in the world of music, regularly attending and competing in the Eisteddfod every year as part of choirs and brass bands, performing in many musicals (Sound of Music, King and I) and learning music theory under the guidance of Alan Owens.

For years, as rebellious as I could be at times, my parents encouraged me to keep on this path, forever making sure to keep me focused enough on maintaining my musical abilities, however, I began to feel that what I was focussing on didn’t make me feel fulfilled.  All of that changed when we went to the Chinese New Year festival that is held at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre, where we saw a man play an instrument called the Erhu, and I was captivated by it.

That man, Master Yuge, became my teacher a few months later, and so I learned a totally different notation, an instrument that is rarely seen in the West, and it opened the door to the world of different music cultures.

A few years later, I was accepted into Bangor University to study Music, and I continued my studies with the Erhu, and began focusing a lot more on composing music, something which I have gained a great passion for.

After doing the degree, I went on to do a Masters, focusing even more on composition and on the idea of fusion music between many different cultures, started the University’s Brass Band, and eventually graduated in the Summer of 2012.

Now I am writing music for computer games and films, always on the look-out for new projects to work on – composing music has always been such a fulfilling activity, especially when I get to see the end product.  I will always be thankful of my upbringing as it has given me a much more open minded approach to my music, and the unbelievable friends that have made me happy and encouraged me to keep on the path to writing music for mediums I love.

I’ve played games for almost my entire life, from the old classics on the Mega Drive to the triple A titles on current gen consoles to the indie games and competitive online games.  I am very, very passionate about computer games, and my biggest ambition in life is to write music for all different types of games, from the streamlined to the surreal, from action adventure to horror.

I’ve spent a few years writing for various community arts projects and concerts, but now I want to give back to one of the biggest influences in my life.  Please listen to the showreel below, and if you enjoy what you hear and would like to work with me (on a game, film or any media!), please send me an E-mail or add and Tweet me on Twitter @SmaugPenDraig.

MJ Monogram Transparent

Monogram and banner courtesy of my dear friend Jack Standbridge, available for commissions!