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Adventures of DERP DRAGON

My dearest friend Jack and I decided to make some music, some point after he taught me how to play the guitar.

We are quite heavily into our acoustic guitar music, Rodrigo y Gabriella and all that stuff, but we also like our acoustic comedy stuff, like Jonathan Coulton and Flight of the Conchords.

The name of the “band” was devised in his bedroom during his 4th year in University, which was also during my Masters at University. He had a pretty cool looking dragon, but it was also pretty derpy.

We’ve had some stuff online for quite a while, and a few people have accidentally come across it and have said nice things, so recently I’ve decided to go ahead and try and push it out there a bit more on Reddit.

We have 3 songs online: The Adventures of Señor Zesty, Monster and Tryhard (a quick guide to StarCraft 2) – and quite a few more half-written, but sadly real life got in the way as usual. I have no doubt we will get back to it in the very near future, but I think it’ll be a fun social experiment to push this out into the public!

Here is the first one that I’m pushing:

You can check out our other songs at the DERP DRAGON tab up top on my website.

And you can upvote this song on reddit here:

Upvote Adventures of Señor Zesty here! Thank you!

Trombone Trio “Arts” project

So, in the spirit of trying to regularly post – about 6 months ago I was commissioned to write a piece for an Arts project to raise the profile of a Pottery yard in Gladstone. This was an incredibly difficult task in the end, given that I ended up getting a new job, the event was miles away and I had to record two of the lines in a studio to save money on hiring live musicians.

The end product was OK, I think. There was apparently nothing but positive feedback about the piece.

The piece was played in a Kiln called “Big Bertha”, with the audience just outside of the kiln, following some dancers around as they danced to it. If I ever get a hold of any footage of them dancing, I will certainly post it on here!

I did, however, manage to get a quick live recording of the piece. There were some duff notes, but I only had one chance to get it right. To hear a (relatively) flawless version, listen to the one on Soundcloud (click the thing above, or go to the “Portfolio” page and find it in there).

Here’s the video of me playing the piece in Big Bertha.