Meurig Llŷr Jenkins Music Portfolio

Composer, Musician, Conductor


Here you can find the tracks to some of my more prominent work.
To view more of my music, please visit my Soundcloud page.

Released Soundtracks

Shrooms – 8 track OST

– Written on a tight schedule of two weeks, this soundtrack was created for Snowball Software‘s game, Shrooms, which you can purchase here for Windows and Android.  With this, given the slightly odd and surreal storyline mixed with the rather dark environment, I went for something comical with a lot of prominent bass and synth to back it up, all being held together with guitars.

Released 13/02/15

Galactica Turret – 3 track OST

– Written for a scifi Android game called Galactica Turret, the idea of the tracks was to invoke a futuristic military and adrenaline infused feel, in the same vein as the Pacific Rim OST. Although the game was never released, I decided to release the Soundtrack anyway.

Released 28/11/14

Film/Video Tracks

Late to the Party Kickstarter

– Written as an audition piece that was subsequently used in the video to promote Pyrodactyl’s game Late to the Party.  The game is now in hiatus as the Kickstarter didn’t achieve its goal until they are able to secure the funding.  The full track can be listened to here.

Mole Force: Snowdonian Amble

– Written for a contest Bangor University Student’s Union was entering, the idea was to create a pastiche of the Garden Force theme.  Written for 10-piece brass, and performed by members of the band I conducted.

Works From Old Projects

All That Is Withered Away

– Written for fun, this track was done to practice using percussion to change the situational direction of the piece.

What We Are On The Surface/Underneath Crossfade

– Written for a short RPG project, this is an example of an interactive track, where the track crossfades when the character finds himself in a bad situation.

When Our Friends Outgrow Us

– A track devised for the opening to a short RPG project, with the aim of instilling a strong thematic sense for the outset of the rest of the game, with the idea of using synth instruments to represent characters, and the orchestral instruments to represent the world around the main characters.

Something Is Coming

– Using Native Instruments Massive in order to generate a unique wobble-bass (wub), the idea for this track was to create an adrenaline-infused sci-fi boss battle theme, following the rough format of the battle music in Final Fantasy 13.

The Battle Is Not Won

– An orchestral piece with a strong fantasy theme that moves through various emotions and instances found within a fantasy setting.  Written during my track-a-day week.

Dark Epiphany

– A binary piece in 5/4 time, the track was written using the Dark Side sound library, during my track-a-day week, with an emphasis on creating a dark track with a heavy turning point half way through.

Mimzily (Based on the poem “Jabberwocky”)

–  A quartet piece I wrote back in 2008, and was subsequently performed by various members of Ensemble Cymru.

Instruments include the Violin, Cello, Oboe and Piano.

Perfect Symmetry – Mvt. 1: “Alpha”; Mvt. 2: “Pi”; Mvt. 3: “Omega”

– The work I did for my final part of my Masters degree at Bangor University, which involves an entire Western and Eastern orchestra.  Parts played by Sibelius 7 instruments.

Public Performances

The Doppelganger

–  A brass band piece written for Bangor University Brass Band to play at UniBrass 2014 contest.  Written in the style of a march, and also dedicated to 2 very funny people, who look exactly alike.

Gladstone in 3 Short Movements

–  A trombone trio I was commissioned to write for an arts project in Stoke-on-Trent in September 2013.  The two lower parts were pre-recorded by myself and fellow conspirator James Green, and the top line was performed in a kiln on the night with dancers dancing to the music.  How avant-garde.

MJ Monogram Transparent

Monogram and banner courtesy of my dear friend Jack Standbridge, available for commissions!